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Set in a future where human values are more important than technology, HYBRIDS weaves a fantasy world with a story of love, friendship and tolerance. 

HYBRIDS is published in four volumes: Trouble, Vengeance, Fear and Hope

“With a vibrant yet haunting cover, Hope truly encapsulates Dorny’s ever present questions of sexuality and gender identity. In a time where definitions are changing and heated arguments dominate conversations, the Hybrids series really tells a story built from a foundation of these topics in a human and dignified manner. This grand planet-hopping drama features stunning fantasy elements, including powerful mind connections and shape shifting entities, while handily delving into important themes. The futuristic inhabitants feel in so many ways advanced beyond our current human enlightenment and science. But other issues, such as wanton destruction of the environment and brutal rape, feel like front page news. Though the dialogue sometimes lacks the sizzle and color of the vibrant peoples depicted in the novel, this volume is an absolutely essential part of a larger whole. Poetic in its tenderness and visionary in its world-building, Hybrids, Volume Four: Hope is the satisfying conclusion to an immensely imaginative story.”
Indies Today, Amanda Murello. The whole review is here.

Jennie Dorny has hit her stride with Hybrids, Volume Three: Fear, which is a real treat for fantasy lovers.

★★★★★ / by Amanda Murello / November 2, 2020

A review of FEAR volume 3 of Hybrids, in INDIES TODAY.

Read the full review here.

Pulsing with intrigue, Hybrids: Fear takes on a different persona from the first two installments in this lively series. Fear picks up where Vengeance left off, right in the middle of a complex plot woven with greed and deceit. This riveting novel relies more on interplanetary action and rectifying a crime than on world building or character development. The plot moves quickly and the stakes are high. Although the book takes readers to a wide variety of stunning scenery, my favorite location in these vibrant Hybrids novels is always Eridan. From the salty air to the intimidating Savalwomen, the small planet is a delight to visit by means of Jennie Dorny and her winsome words. Jennie Dorny has hit her stride with Hybrids, Volume Three: Fear, which is a real treat for fantasy lovers.

This review about “FEAR” is here.

“A beautiful fantasy story full of detail, scenery, and wonderful locations and characters”

This book is filled with more action than the other ones and is a fast-paced story. Nevertheless, the author does write, like usual, with a touch for detail and it is again a beautiful fantasy story. Jennie Dorny has written again an original book and by reading more editions of this series I am more and more confident this could be a wonderful series on screen too. (…) So just dive into the first stories to follow the background and be completely blown away.

Just a warning, when you start reading this captivating fantasy series you will enter a world that you will never forget anymore and just like me you get hooked to the books.

Fany Van Hemelen, Amazon UK *****

Reviews of TROUBLE, volume one of Hybrids.

What a great first book of a refreshing sci-fi series
Trouble is a book about fascinating worlds, difficult choices and destiny. ****
Fany Van Hemelen, Fany Reads English, Woordenlady

“Hybrids takes place in a unique sci-fi world filled with ideas and norms common to humans. Jennie Dorny writes a delightful story shimmering with the beauty of possibility.”
Amanda Murello, INDIES TODAY

Amanda Murello, Indies Today
Full article about TROUBLE here .

I found the storyline interesting and the character development was great. The style of writing was spot on. I really enjoyed it.

I love that Theo just wants to explore new places. I also loved Nand and her connections in the story.

This is a quick read (I think mostly because of the shorter chapters – it keeps me reading!) and the first volume in this sci-fi saga. I’m ready for volume two now!

I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lisa's Books, Gems and Tarots

Reviews of VENGEANCE, volume two of Hybrids.

Amanda Murello, Indies Today
Full article about VENGEANCE here.

“Jennie Dorny has a vast imagination and a precious gift in the ability to paint an exquisite picture with words. The creatures come to life and the vivid locations dance from the pages in this epic fantasy. (…) Hybrids, Volume Two: Vengeance is a whimsical and deeply philosophical fiction novel that proves that a sequel can be even better than the first!”

Amanda Murello, INDIES TODAY

“A captivating mix of sci-fi, fantasy and amazing characters.
I love this thoughtful and wonderful trip and with the cliffhanger and this creative writing style even more detailed and vivid now than in volume 1, I dare to say pick up this series , you won’t regret it and by every book it is even getting better. 4 and a half stars”-
Fany van Hemelen
Fany Van Hemelen's whole review about VENGEANCE is available here.

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Volume one: Trouble


She sought refuge on an ocean-covered planet. She didn’t learn its codes until too late. Now she must leave to survive.

Theo’s dreams of exploring distant lands are cut short when her father betrays her.

On the run, she flees to Eridan, where Washone, the spiritual leader, is expecting her. As she is about to reach this ocean-covered planet inhabited by telepaths, she is kidnapped by a bounty-hunter. Ashta, an Eridani Savalwoman, befriends Theo, rescues her, and they land together on Eridan.

While Theo trains to become a Savalwoman – a warrior – bleak memories of past hurts relentlessly disrupt her attempts to trust herself and others.  

She is unaware of her own mental powers, so when she believes that she has been betrayed once again – this time by Ashta – she nearly destroys her friend’s mind in a fit of wounded rage that blazes across the planet.

To protect Theo from those who, like ambitious Keith of Rain Forest, would like to use her powerful mind for their benefit, Washone decides that she must leave Eridan.

Can Theo convince Washone to let her stay? Or will she have to leave her new friends and go on the run again, with no place to go?



Volume two: Vengeance


Caught in a web of murder and vengeance, Theo must outsmart the Spylady to save her new friends.

Imprisoned in a male appearance, can Nand survive deportation without losing herself?

Forced to leave Eridan after her mental battle with Keith of Rain Forest, Theo travels to Earth Metropolis with SpaceSS agent Jack Finch. When Jack is arrested for murdering his husband, Farren, Theo’s plans for a new future collapse.

To impress Declan, Nand face-changes into her cousin’s appearance on the day of the Face Changer Assembly. But her moment of triumph turns into a nightmare when Keith launches an attack against the Face Changers.

Deported to Gambling Nova, the federal prison, with Ashta and a few Face Changers, will Declan be strong enough to overcome his guilt in order to help Nand keep her male appearance and safeguard Eridan’s future?

Convinced that Farren is still alive, Theo must outsmart the Spylady if she wants to get Jack released from the penitentiary and find Farren’s whereabouts.

Yet when Sheer, the Savalwomen leader, orders her to rescue the Face Changers, Theo faces a new challenge: is she ready to return to Gambling Nova? And risk her life?


Volume three: Fear

 Severely wounded when she uncovered Farren’s whereabouts, resolutely bent on protecting Jack, Theo bargains her way back to Gambling Nova, home of the dreaded Dome, the federal prison.

But is she ready to face her father’s betrayal and Tarbel Mogud’s lust?

Three years before, Theo fled Gambling Nova and Mogud, the prison governor, and had to leave her mother behind. She found refuge in Eridan, where she developed her unique gift – that of creating mind networks with orgacomps.

Deported to Gambling Nova, her Eridani friends are now in mortal danger. She’s the only one who can help them escape the Dome, and she’s determined to get her mother out this time too.

What she doesn’t know is that Mogud, Keith of Rain Forest and Donatella Simpson, allied to overthrow the federal government, all want to grab her.

Can Theo succeed in getting everybody out, dodging her enemies and protecting the orgacomps?




Volume four: Hope


Is there any hope for Eridan’s living ocean to be saved and for the special link between Eridanis and their ocean to be restored? 

After the Guild’s ship crash in Redland’s desert, Theo faces her hardest trial while Jack fights the poison burning through his veins.

In Eridan, Mocean is freezing – a consequence of the mental battle in Gambling Nova’s Pit 3, and Keith’s decision to launch Mindrule.

But when Nand, Ashta and the Face Changers reach their home planet after leaving Gambling Nova, they are forbidden to land: Eridan has been banned.

Powerless, unable to reach Kaipekak, Nand watches her beloved ocean slowly choking as ice covers its surface.

Never one to give up, Ashta calls Farren to the rescue …

Entwining the creation myths of both planets, the final volume of Hybrids concludes Theo’s search for belonging.

Jennie Dorny is a Franco-American writer, living in France. She has published, in French, Gambling Nova (1999), Eridan (2002) and Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête (Mischievous Cupids Gone Crazy, 2007). Gambling Nova and Eridan are partial, earlier versions of Hybrids, science-fiction novels that in many ways deal with the question of gender.

Previously Published in French

Published in French in 2007.

Published in French in 1999, this book is now out-of-print. My new book, HYBRIDS, englobes the events happening in GAMBLING NOVA

Published in French in 2002, this book is now out-of-print. My new book, HYBRIDS, englobes the events happening in ERIDAN.

Club & Foreign Editions

France Loisirs Book Club edition of Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête, which sold 6,000 copies.

Polish edition of Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête published by AdPublik in 2015.

Italian edition  of Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête published by Clichy Edizioni in 2015 .

Albanian edition of of Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête published by Buzuku in 2016. The book received the Pristina Best Foreign Book at the June 2016 Book Fair.

Cover of the Polish edition of Gambling Nova, published by AdPublik in 2015.

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